Official Website of At Ease, Soldier! How to Leave the War Downrange and Feel at Home Again

Photo by govsum/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by govsum/iStock / Getty Images

The Soldiers At Home website was created for Soldiers and their Families, especially for those who are adjusting to being together after a deployment.  It is for Soldiers of all ages --- active duty Soldiers who have recently returned from a war zone as well as retired Combat Veterans.  

Post-Deployment Soldiers
If you are a Soldier who has been deployed at least once, maybe more --- a Soldier who has been having trouble adjusting to life at home or has a Battle Buddy who is having problems --- the Soldiers At Home website can help you.  

Family Members
Soldiers aren’t the only ones who have trouble with post-deployment adjustment.  Of course, you are excited to have your Soldier at home!  But you, like many other military  spouses and family members, may find their return to be disruptive.  The resources on the Soldiers at Home website will help you understanding your Soldier, which can lead to more successful reintegration after deployment and a smoother transition for the entire family.

Soldiers at Home is also the Official website of the new book AT EASE, SOLDIER!  How to Leave the War Downrange and Feel at Home Again. 



“At Ease, Soldier! is a great tool that should be in everyone’s ruck! As a member of the military for 19 years, I served both as an enlisted member and an officer, Joint service and NATO, deploying nine times to various regions. Not everyone (spouse, parents, friends, coworkers, etc) has a military background/ understanding to prepare them of what to expect from a person returning from a deployment. Highlighting some issues faced by those who serve their Nation, I felt this book provides a straightforward structure to understand some of our military members concerns. The information is presented in a manner that allows the audience a self pace, easy to read approach allowing the reader to identify or be aware of some possible challenges.

Military members compartmentalize things they experience in order to deal with issues later or to protect the loved ones so they do not worry. Unfortunately, sometimes a year’s worth of stuffing issues into a compartment can lead to a structural failure, where the seams burst and issues spill out uncontrollably, at an unhealthy or inopportune time. The information presented in At Ease, Soldier! is not a ‘how-to-fix-anything’ book. Possible scenarios are offered ‘cafeteria style’, allowing the reader to select what they want from an abundance of valuable information. Chapters can be viewed as compartments, permitting a person who may have compartmentalized issues the ability to use the book as a tool and select what area they want to deal with in a controlled exploration for further understanding.

Having spent more than 1,000 days TDY, I found this book enlightening not only for myself but for my family and friends. One does not go out on a mission without gathering as much information as possible; why would you not arm yourself and/or family with as much information as possible? Your mission is to return home to a stable, enjoyable, healthy life and family relationship. The primary target is to not only to prepare yourself but your loved ones as well. At Ease, Soldier! is a weapon you can arm yourself with to allow you to adjust movement as needed to attain your goal.”

~MAJ Seth Henderson, USAF